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I have some internet issues (again) which mean i wont be here until ?????? I dont know ???? I’ll also be leaving for vacation next saturday so if i still have troubles with that thennn i’ll see you guys when i’m over there (i’ll will probably have wi-fi )

piece of shit

Souyo week day 6 - Shadows

" I can’t believe someone as pathetic as you became the hero. I fucking hate you! You should just die like the others did. In the end, everyone would just forget about you, you piece of shit! “

idk what if yosuke never admited that fact that he was jealous of narukami and his frustration makes his shadow come out again ?? 

beaten up shadow sooj for my beaten up shadow sooj needs

ppl tagging my drawings with nice things gives me life. like really. thanks everyone i love all of you so much.


Souyo week Day 5 - Reunion

" Took you long enough, you jerk. "

" Didn’t you say you wouldn’t cry? You’re still a kid. "

"Shut up."

" Ahah, you haven’t changed."

"… Same to you."

stupid homo boys hugging bc i was feeling down

small bonus

Afficher davantage


Souyo week Day 4 - Confession/Rejection

I wanted to make something better, or angsty but the ideas just didnt come up so ye

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Souyo week Day 3 - Future or family

Not too far ahead, just one year more actually uvu.. Souji comes back to the city only to learn that, he too, will be working overseas.

Afficher davantage

Souyo Week Day 2 - Canon moment / Altered Canon moment

You wanna ride? It’s a little squeaky, but it should be fine.”

i cant draw bikes yet so if u excuse me

Souyo Week Day 1 - Alternate Universe 

Boring AU but genderbent au is very important for me